Respect Belfast Human Rights Film Festival will take place between the 5th and 11th of August, 2018. The festival will screen a range of films/documentaries that promote a wider understanding of Human Rights subjects, such as, Immigration, Asylum, Women’s Rights, War & Conflict, Mental Health, LGBT Rights, Workers Rights, Environmental Concerns, Healthcare, Austerity & Disability Issues.

As part of our programme, we also aim to deliver a series of films, events and panel discussions exploring the wider cultural, human and socio-political implications of conflict and the countless ways these have been presented through film, both historically and in contemporary cinema.

This will combine a range of short fiction and documentary films as part of our ‘short film’ competition with a wider range of classic and contemporary feature-length films that offer a more discursive look at many of the human rights issues at hand.


Seán Murray / Festival Director

Seán Murray is an award winning film/documentary maker from Belfast. He is also director of Relapse Pictures, a Belfast based production company specialising in Documentary film and drama. His main interests are in post-conflict / testimony focused documentaries addressing legacy issues pertaining to the recent conflict in the north of Ireland.

He is also a current PhD candidate at Queens University, Belfast.
Stephen Rea / Festival Patron

Stephen Rea is an Irish film and stage actor. He has appeared in films such as V for Vendetta, Michael Collins, Interview with the Vampire and Breakfast on Pluto. He was was nominated for an Academy Award for his lead performance as Fergus in the 1992 film The Crying Game. Mr Rea now dedicates much of his time to advocacy and human rights issues in Ireland and further afield.
Padraig O' Muirigh / Head of Development

Pádraig Ó’ Muirigh is a Human Rights lawyer who specialises in Inquest Law, Legacy Inquiries, actions against the Police, Human Rights Law, Judicial Review, Criminal Law and strategic litigation.

He is currently involved in high profile campaigns relating to the Ballymurphy Massacre, the Springhill Massacre and Kelly’s Bar bombing.
Ciara Scullion / Press Co-ordinator

Ciara has recently graduated with a Master's in Film from Queen's University Belfast. Her first short documentary, A Little Bit Strange, completed as part of her dissertation, was selected for the shorts programme at this year's Belfast Film Festival and has been nominated in the best student documentary category at the NI Short Film Awards.
Ryan Coney / Short Film Programmer

Ryan Coney is a Belfast based documentary filmmaker. A masters graduate in documentary filmmaking from University of Ulster, he most recently completed The President's Bodyguard, a feature documentary which is currently on its festival run.